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Whole House Water Treatment & Drinking Solutions

Finally… Perfect Water from Your Tap

whole house water softener conditioning system denver phoenixHard water (mineral deposits) and low-quality taste or even smells is common and occurs in just about every household. But there is a solution! Our complete whole-home water conditioning system eliminates those mineral build-ups that clog your faucets and leave your hair feeling like straw. Our two-part system will also deliver the purest and finest drinking water, eliminating harmful contaminants, sediments, and all unpleasant odors and tastes such as chlorine.

Our whole-house solution conditions your water and provides the best drinking water for your entire family. No more costly and troublesome bottled water. You can fill your glass or water bottles straight from the tap.

Our fully-customizable systems are ideal for any household and water source including municipal water, private well-water, and any other water supply. Finally, affordable, perfect water from every faucet in the house!

Whole house reverse osmosis R.O. system Phoenix DenverWater Softener PLUS Reverse Osmosis System

Our whole-house system includes a water softener system as a means of removing any hard mineral and other deposits. This system is customized to your particular water source mineral and contaminant levels so your water doesn’t feel “soapy” like the old softeners did. The water delivered to your faucets will feel perfect on your skin.

The customizable R.O. system included with this whole-house conditioning program filters your drinking water to a level that many consider better than bottled! This water is more than 95% free of dissolved solids such as minerals and odors resulting from such additives as chlorine or natural occurring well-water minerals. Water isn’t supposed to have a smell or taste. If it does, call us!

CHS Plumbing provides a complete line of products that can be customized to create the ideal system for your home. Call us today!

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